Quatuor Laloy

Quatuor Laloy
The Laloy Quartet is a saxophone quartet gathering four young virtuoso instrumentalists sharing, since 2008, their passion for music. Affectionate with the mixture of genres (tango, jazz, music from Central Europe or the Balkans, classical music, contemporary creation...), these atypical musicians are constantly exploring new horizons.

First Prize at the Nantes saxophone competition in 2010, in the chamber music category, FNAPEC Prize at the 2014 Ensemble Music Competition, the Laloy Quartet is constantly looking for novelties, a search that materializes in a multiplicity of projects. Thus, in 2012, the Quartet performs alongside a renowned accordionist, Sébastien Farge, commissioning him to write a complete series of new pieces for an unusual ensemble consisting of a saxophone quartet, an accordion and a drum set.

During the same period, they put together a musical theater show, Le Restaurant. This show, the keystone of the group, has already been given more than 60 performances between 2013 and 2015. During this show, the musicians cultivate humor and relaxation in their encounters with the public. Thanks to their undeniable qualities as comedians, they are able to take the audience off the beaten track, to leave, with boundless energy and enthusiasm, the conventional forms of the traditional concert, constantly pushing back the boundaries of live performance. Thus, their "musical menus" artistically mix virtuosity and good humor and constitute rare moments marked by originality and communicative joy. In 2020, they continue the adventure of a musical theater of creation with Saxopholmes, around a delirious investigation of Sherlock Holmes.

With Nicolas Arsenijevic, Eva Barthas, Vincent Dupuy and Julien Bire

Photo credit: Clément Reboul