Llibert Fortuny

Llibert Fortuny

Llibert Fortuny is one of the greatest representatives of the national jazz presents his new lab project, a creative space where innovation, groove and improvisation are the highlights, along with The Gas Band, an unprejudiced band that keeps seeking fun and make the public dance, with its impeccable and energetic sound.

For Llibert Fortuny "Jazz music is subscribed to experimentation and improvisation, it's the perfect music for breaking the rules, to rebel against the established order, when people criticized at the time for breaking rules musicians like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, are now the standatds we referred to."

Educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music with Shannon Le Claire, Phil Wilson, among others. His training as a jazz musician ended up sharing stage with artists such as Chick Corea.

Since his return to Barcelona in 2001 Llibert Fortuny's musical career has been meteoric, with a very active musical activities and awards, has released four albums Un circ sense Lleons highly praised by critics, Revolts, Double Step and the cd/dvd XXL. We should mention his multiple collaborations with Gary Willis.

Always risking and playing in various formats and without discarding what new technologies can provide, the discovery of a wide range of opportunities to enrich the colors of saxophone.

Photo credit : © R.Domínguez