Les Emirs

Les Emirs
Les Emirs is a musical ensemble with variable geometry, formed at the initiative of clarinetist Rémi Delangle in 2020.

Les Emirs ensemble criss-crosses the musical landscapes of the Balkans, drawing from the traditional repertoire of Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldavia and Turkey, with origins in the Gypsy, Klezmer, rural or urban areas. Each musician comes from eclectic musical universes such as Classical, Jazz, and of course the popular and traditional musics of the world, and thus brings his stone to the building of the collective arrangement.

There are the great "standards" of the Balkans that Les Emirs do not hesitate to take up, transform, colorize; and there are the unknown pearls of the general public, so rich in rhythms, expression, improvisations and trans. The requirement and the release are the key words of these fiery and sensitive musicians, it is a call to travel, a mixture of East, West and madness.

Rémi Delangle (clarinet), Iurie Morar (cymbalum), Dario Ivković (accordion), Loran Bozić (violin), Jérôme Brajtman (guitar), Yoann Godefroy (contrabass), Clément Brajtman (drums)


Photo credit: Flavien Denis