Les Becs du Midi

Les Becs du Midi
From human encounter to musical sharing, there is only one step: it is the one that David Minetti, Laurence Perry, Floriane Tardy and Émilie Pinel crossed together.

All from the same desk in the National Capitole Orchestra of Toulouse, these clarinetists combine their common passion for chamber music and create the Becs du Midi quartet.

They quickly decide to introduce the public to the large clarinet family and it is with gaiety and complicity that they devote themselves in turn to the joys of all the instruments of the quartet : from bass to small clarinet via the basset horn, each timbre enriches the sound palette and the dynamics of the whole, thus participating in the magic of this training.

From Rossini to Piazzolla via Brahms, these four companions travel the centuries and cross borders. Those from different countries, different cultures but also those more intangible arts: dance invites itself to the concert. The clarinet is sensual with tango, lively with swing, festive and wild with klezmer. Even contemporary composers try it out: Connesson with his pop rhythm and his hips or Beffa which evokes an "imaginary choreography" for his quartet. It is with communicative energy that these musicians take you through an eclectic and varied repertoire for a rich and colorful musical journey.

David Minetti (clarinet - basset horn), Floriane Tardy (clarinet - basset horn), Émilie Pinel (clarinet - Eb clarinet) Laurence Perry (bass clarinet)


Photo credit : Il était une fois Photographie