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Jeremy Diffey

Jeremy Diffey

As a regular session musician for television shows and albums in Australia, Jeremy Diffey proudly performs on Selmer Paris clarinets. His studio in Melbourne has produced some wonderful recordings, and often Jeremy is asked to include clarinets on these recordings. Whether it’s in a classical, world, jazz or pop context, the full bodied tone of Selmer Paris clarinets are always his weapon of choice !

Jeremy has travelled the world performing in concert halls, television studios and clubs, and plays a wide range of instruments - including saxophones, clarinets, flutes, keyboards, vocals and percussion.

He has released a few albums over the years, and his latest album imPossibilities: Explorations in Wood & Steel features his love of clarinets (from Eb Sopranino to BBb Contra Bass) in many of his compositions.

Jeremy Diffey is a Selmer Paris endorsed artist, and the jewel of his collection is his Privilege Bass Clarinet - a gorgeous instrument that plays effortlessly in all registers, at all dynamics.