Fábio Meneses

Fábio Meneses

Born in Vila Real (Portugal), in 1990, Fábio Meneses started his musical studies at the age of nine, in
Banda de Música de Mateus (a local philharmonic band in the surroundings of Vila Real). At the
age of 10, he attended Professor Luís Filipe Santos’s clarinet classes, at The Real Filarmonia. In
2004, he entered the Regional Music Conservatory, in Vila Real, attending the same professor’s
classes. In 2008, he received the distinction of Artistic Merit Award, when he completed this
course. He has won countless awards in small and big formations.

Fábio Meneses is professor of clarinet and chamber music at the Academia de Artes de Chaves
(Chaves); concertino of the Orquestra de Sopros da AAC (Chaves); clarinetist in the Banda
Sinfónica Transmontana (Vila Real) and collaborates with the Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa

More recently, he has been looking for new ways of performance, especially connecting music and theater with the Mochos no Telhado company (Viseu).

He attended several masterclasses conducted by Michel Arrignon, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Florent Héau, Etienne Lamaison, Matthias Schorn, amongst others.

As a clarinet player, he has been collaborating in several projects such as The VR Clarinet Ensemble, Orquestra de Clarinetes Príncipe das Asturias, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Orquestra Sinfónica da ESMAE, Orquestra Sinfónica de Braga, Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa (Casa da Música), Banda Sinfónica Transmontana, Remix Ensemble (Casa da Música) and Orquestra de Sopros da Academia de Artes de Chaves, where he leads the role of concertino and Eb clarinetist.