Claude Crousier

Claude Crousier

After his studies at the CNSM of Paris (with U. Delécluse, C. Lardé, O. Messiaen and C. Ballif), Claude Crousier was soloist of the contemporary music ensembles 2E2M and l'Itinéraire in Paris. Later, he was hired by the cities of Nice and Marseille as principal clarinet of their orchestras and clarinet teacher in their respective conservatories.

Claude Crousier was awarded an international composition prize in Paris in 1986.

He is published by Lemoine, Billaudot, Accordinova and One can still find in some bookstores pedagogical pieces for clarinets formerly published by J.M. Fuzeau. As a composer, Claude Crousier is played in France and abroad.

In parallel to these functions, he will also be a professor of pedagogy at the Cefedem Sud and at the Cefedem of Lorraine (until 2012), while pursuing his career as a soloist, a chamber musician, a composer and a visual artist.

The marriage of these various artistic practices often leads him to Concerts-Exhibitions, where literature, music and painting are mixed. In all his creations, he uses the same approach: the work of the material in which everyone can travel.

His collaboration with the Instrumental Studio in Aix-en-Provence and the CNRS in Marseille leads him to research in music and computer science. He has made numerous recordings (CD, radio, television) with the orchestras of Nice, Marseille, Musicatreize and the Instrumental Studio (compact discs: Beyond, clarinets and electroacoustics; Le "JE" musical, Musique en prose; Mots croisés, clarinets, mandolins, piano,...).

Claude CROUSIER has written articles and pedagogical works, notably :
- Le Musicien et le groupe (The Musician and the Group) published by Sedim Paris,
- Le "JE" musical with Éditions Onésime2000,
- Abécédaire de transmission musicale published by Saint Honoré Paris.

As well as a collection of poems Sursaut sur soi and less serious writings: Jeux de mobiles débiles. In 2022, he published his first novel Le Dernier présent in collaboration with Frédérique Zerah.

His musical and literary works are registered at the SACEM, the SACD and the SNAC.