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Jacques Di Donato

"Jacques DiDo is a case: incapable of missing a concert because his question is not to succeed, but to play it, to thwart it and to provoke a kind of very rare, very tender happiness, the happiness of intelligence. A model of invention and freedom, this multi-instrumentalist has lived through all kinds of music with a single objective: to convey emotion, freedom... An explorer of sounds, J DiDo is where you don't expect him to be." Francis Marmande

Jacques Di Donato played all the roles in music. His curiosity led him, after institutional studies which found their consecration at the CNSM of Paris, to embrace all musical genres. First of all the ball in the family orchestra, the studio, show-biz, where he met the great personalities of the song (M. Chevalier, Bourvil, J. Brel, Barbara, L. Minelli, C. Trenet...), jazz, free jazz (he had a major encounter with B. Lubat), the great adventure of 20th century music.

He thus participates in many creations and experiences exciting encounters with the most outstanding composers of our time: K. Stockhausen, P. Boulez, G. Amy, O. Messiaen, J. Cage, V. Globokar, L. Nono and finally G. Aperghis (whom he joined for many musical theatre creations in Avignon).

Soloist at the Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, international concert performer, multi-instrumentalist, renowned pedagogue (since 1984 professor at the CNSM of Lyon), he is regularly invited in the great pedagogical movements. He was promoted Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1985.

Clarinetist, saxophonist, drummer, improviser, composer, man of all repertoires, from Mozart to the present today, it is this endearing marginality that makes DiDo an outstanding musician.

Bb/A Clarinet
Signature Bb / A Clarinet

Centered and powerful, the 'Signature' clarinet offers a rich palette of colors.

Eb Clarinet
Recital Eb clarinet

A top-of-the-line professional clarinet with a warm, rich and powerful tone, for a real presence.

An original design from Henri SELMER Paris with a larger body diameter.

Bass Clarinet
Low C Privilege bass clarinet

Boehm system, B-flat Privilege Bass Clarinet to low C. The exceptional acoustics are in keeping with the Henri SELMER Paris tradition. The ergonomics and an amazing ease of blowing give a real playing comfort.

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