Tanguy Gallavardin

Tanguy Gallavardin

Tanguy Gallavardin began studying music at the Lyon Conservatory and chose the
clarinet. Ten years later, he wishes to live from his passion and launches into an
artistic career.
Trained in the Paris region with Florent Héau, he joins in 2010 the “Haute école de musique Genève - Neuchâtel” (Geneva HEM) in the class of Romain Guyot.

He then joined the Orchestre Français des Jeunes where he discovered the symphonic repertoire. He is regularly invited to play in different formations such as the Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse, Orchestre National de France, Toulon Opera Orchestra, Brittany Symphony Orchestra, Victor Hugo Franche-Comté Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Auvergne, Basque Country Symphony Orchestra. Since 2015, he is clarinettist at the Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn.

In parallel to this "classical" course, Tanguy learns the piano and is quickly passionate for jazz. He trained with the Bulgarian jazzman Mario Stantchev at the Lyon Conservatory and then created the YuMi duo project, in which he composes in which he composes his music and plays his two instruments. In 2018 he created the concert in association with painter Sébastien Brunel.

Always in search of artistic opening, he participates in the new show of the Compagnie  Traintamarre de 7h10, where he discovered the world of musical theater and participates in the Avignon festival as a storyteller-musician.

Attracted by the transmission since his youngest age and holder of a Master
Pedagogy, Tanguy currently teaches at the Conservatoire Maurice Ravel Pays


Photo credit: Nicolas Capdevielle

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