Soprano Saxophone Super Action 80 Series II soprano

The B-flat soprano saxophone “Super Action 80 Series II” represents a significant advance in the overall design of the soprano and asserts itself as a particularly interesting model in terms of sound colour.

A beautifully toned instrument, rich in high harmonics, it has excellent... + Read more

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Super Action 80 Series II soprano
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Technical caracteristics

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high F sharp
Needle spring
Blue steel
Thumb rest
Adjustable, in plastic
Leather, with metal booster
Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG), Silver Plated Engraved (AG), Black Lacquer Engraved with Gold Lacquered Keys (NG GO).
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"The Selmer Super Action Series II is a joy in a soprano. It conveys a consistent sound unlike any other soprano I've used."
Chico Freeman