Todd Levy & his Signature clarinet

Todd Levy & sa clarinette Signature
Todd Levy has been playing the Signature clarinet for over 20 years but he still remembers the first time he picked up his instrument...

Principal Clarinet of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and of the Santa Fe Opera, Todd Levy has collaborated with some of the latter 20th Centurys most significant composers and won 4 Grammy Awards. his solo career have included concerto appearances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival, with the Israel Philharmonic in Tel-Aviv, and at the White House.  An active chamber musician, he has also given World Premiere performances of chamber music pieces by Joan Tower, Paquito D'Rivera et Morton Subotnic.

Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, the clarinettist is a regular guest at the Selmer Clarinet Academy. We took the opportunity of his 2019 visit to interview him about his relationship to the instrument he has been playing for over twenty years.

« I had a very strong reaction when I first played this clarinet. It was sort of like I heard coming out of the instrument what I wanted to hear, in my head, for so many years - and all of a sudden I heard it. And I thought: that’s it, that's the sound I have been trying to achieve. »


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