[Portrait] Engraver at Henri SELMER Paris

[Portrait d'artisan] Graveuse chez Henri SELMER Paris
Labelled as a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), Henri SELMER Paris trains its craftspeople in-house in more than 100 crafts specific to instrument making. Today, we highlight engraver Morgane Duhamel, who joined the House in 2015.

An engraver in the Henri SELMER Paris workshops, Morgane Duhamel joined the company in 2015. She was trained in the trade by following a course given only at Henri SELMER Paris and passed on from generation to generation.

Alongside Michel Brigonnet, a historical figure in the company with 32 years of experience, they are the two master engravers entitled to handle the chisel that adds to the magic of Selmer saxophones the beauty of hand-engraved décors.

Saxophone basse noir
Black bass saxophone with a unique engraving covering the entire saxophone

Requiring precision, dexterity and concentration, this craft is based on the chiselling technique.

"Depending on the motifs and the area to be engraved on the instrument, I use about twenty different tools, adapting the pressure, the movement and the speed of my gesture. Careful handling, but also a love of a well-done job are prerequisites for success in this craft."

Also involved in training to perpetuate this specific know-how, her commitment and creative passion are the assurance of a unique know-how transmission specific to the House of SELMER.

In love with this craft, she recently gave birth to the design of one of our latest products, the Axos tenor saxophone.


Read Morgane Duhamel's portrait in Connaissance des arts (special edition n° 933 - March 2021) for a special issue on arts and crafts in France, in partnership with Comité Colbert.


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