New reeds for clarinet and saxophone

Nouvelles anches pour saxophones et clarinettes
Henri SELMER Paris returns to its roots by relaunching the production of reeds for clarinet and saxophone, the first activity of founder Henri Selmer back in 1885.

Acoustic signature

​Thanks to its acoustic expertise and collaboration with musicians from diverse backgrounds, Henri SELMER Paris has created a new reed profile offering a distinctive acoustic signature, characterized by exceptional density, roundness and sonic warmth.

Our reeds are currently available for soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, as well as for Bb/A clarinets.

Careful calibration

Henri SELMER Paris reeds are available in strengths 2 to 4, and are calibrated by ¼ strength between 2.5 and 3.5. The gaps between reeds in the same box are reduced to a minimum, offering the musician a greater number of excellent reeds.

The best-selling Strenght No. 3 has been chosen as a benchmark for comparison with the main models on the market.

Comparaison anches saxophones
Comparaison anches clarinettes


Manufacturing precision

Each reed is carefully crafted on traditional high-precision machines, guaranteeing even cut quality and a greater number of good reeds per box.

The Keyence laser profile reader plays an essential role in maintaining this quality.​ It carefully scan the bevel of each reed, guaranteeing exceptional precision.

Reed laser player

Furthermore, in order to preserve the vibratory qualities of the reed, the marking of the force and the Henri SELMER Paris logo is carried out on the bark of the reed and not on the table of the reed.


Reed quality

ARUNDO DONAX reeds are renowned for their exceptional fiber content, ensuring longer-lasting reeds and optimum resistance to variations in temperature and humidity.

Reed duck

​​T​his wild cane thrives in a protected natural environment, far from any exposure to pesticides.​


Eco-friendly commitment

Henri SELMER Paris is committed to reconciling musical excellence and environmental protection for a harmonious future.​

Saxophone reeds

Flowpack : Committed to an eco-friendly approach, the Henri SELMER Paris teams have developed individual reed packaging (flow pack type) made from kraft paper - without plastic - which preserves the acoustic qualities of the reeds. The constant level of humidity, from the manufacture to the musician, guarantees perfect hygiene and optimum freshness of the reed. Preserved in this way, your reed has benefited from the best conditions to reveal its full musical potential.​

Cardboard box : The cardboard box used to pack our single reeds is made from recycled and recyclable materials in accordance with strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards, certifying that the paper is made from sustainable wood fiber sources.

Reed holder : Specially designed to offer enhanced protection, this reed holder guarantees great ease of use: the reed is easy to pick up and put back into its packaging, with no risk of damage. Made from bio-based (ASTM D 6866:2012-01 standard) and compostable materials, it bears the OK Compost logo.

Made in France

Henri SELMER Paris reeds are made in southeastern France.

We favor short supply chains and local suppliers to constantly improve our exceptional product, while supporting the local economy and reducing our environmental footprint.​

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