Unleash your creativity with Muse clarinets

Libérez votre créativité grâce aux clarinettes Muse
With our new Muse clarinet, we invite you to unleash your artistic potential. Be free to explore, to express yourself, to create, to transmit. Free to be inspired and to inspire...

Creative Freedom

Presented in Bb and A, Muse was designed to become a natural extension of your breath through immediate vibration and direct response. Its precision and richness of sound - powerful, generous, full - allow for a faithful transcription of the artist's musical intentions. We hope that this freedom of play will inspire you and allow you to inspire in turn...


 "During the 4 years of designing Muse, we were guided by the idea of ease, immediacy, and creative freedom" explains Stéphane Gentil, clarinet product manager at Henri SELMER Paris. "Its reliability, its ease of emission, its accuracy, allow to free oneself from many technical constraints inherent when playing the clarinet. The musicians can then enjoy a great freedom of expression. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the ease with which this clarinet allows us to forget the constraints and to be more available for the music, its emotions, its ideas. This is very heartwarming, we feel that we have met an essential expectation for many clarinetists."


 Inspirational notebook

The Muse clarinet comes with an exclusive 160-page notebook, designed by Henri SELMER Paris in collaboration with the Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmeh.
An original and unique tool, which will liberate the creativity of each artist through reflections and new exercises…

"To create meaningful art, you need three things:
1- an idea you want to express
2- a tool (in this case it is this wonderful clarinet in your hands)
3- the skills to use the tool.
In this notebook you will find a few challenges that are meant to help you explore your creativity and develop the connection between what is in the box (the clarinet) and what is not included in the box (your ideas and your skills.)
I invite you to truly engage with this notebook, write down your hopes, your frustrations, short compositions, your thoughts on music, life and nature. Explore your creativity as you explore the sounds of this instrument.
Compose, improvise and perform, and most importantly: Enjoy."

Kinan Azmeh

Cahier d'inspiration

Stéphane Gentil lent himself to the game by answering some questions...

  • What is the difference between playing and practicing? Can we do both at the same time?

"I see in the first question a difference of space: one would play in front of an audience and one would train at home or in a rehearsal place. But the question goes further, it questions the musician on his relationship to music. There is of course the repetitive and mechanical work of technique, but beyond that, the musician delivers beauty in every note played, no matter the context."

  • What motivates you to practice/play every day?

"Well precisely to create beauty in every note played. It's a demanding work every day, and it's also a need to share and an act of generosity. I observe many musicians, each one's path being different of course, but always difficult, and I often find the admirable desire to want to touch people."


They play Muse

"With its uniformity across all registers, gorgeous sound, and supreme clarity and resonance, it’s an instrument that you just love to take out of its case. The Muse inspires you to play!" - Wesley Ferreira, Colorado State University

"The technical improvements allow the instrumentalist to go beyond certain contingencies inherent to the clarinet, offering one new perspectives in one's playing, for a greater freedom in one's desire of expression." - Sylvie Hue, Principal clarinet at Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine

"Discovering Muse energizes the desire to express oneself artistically and to share the pleasure of being with as many people as possible." - François Sauzeau, Principal clarinet at Orchestre National de Lyon

"I feel that with the Muse I can go further, I can really give an intention. I am totally charmed by how easy it is to convey what I feel." - Myriam Carrier, Soloist à l'Orchestre National d'Île-de-France

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