Henri SELMER Paris opens its private archives to Douglas Pipher

Henri SELMER Paris ouvre ses archives privées à Douglas Pipher
Last March, Canadian saxophonist, collector and researcher Douglas Pipher traveled to Paris to study the archives preciously preserved in our workshops...
A specialist in the history of Maison SELMER, Douglas Pipher has been collecting data for over ten years in order to establish the most exhaustive list possible of the instruments produced by the company since its beginnings - more than 850,000 saxophones, 350,000 clarinets and 100,000 brass.

A few years ago, we had already exceptionally opened our doors to him and given him access to our private archives, allowing him to consult historical documents and deepen his research.

Last March, Douglas Pipher returned to feed his investigations with the help of unpublished archive documents found in our manufacturing workshops…

"About five years ago, somebody online posted that he bought a saxophone, and that it came with a page from the archive records. He posted the picture of the page. I looked at it and realized that it was not the same documents that I had been looking at in the past, so it hit me: there must be some other records…"

Very exciting new finds that will lead to new videos! In the meantime, take a video tour of the secret corners of our manufacture...


Douglas Piper Collector and researcher, Douglas Pipher leads a community of saxophonists through a Facebook group. Are you looking for information on an ancient instrument? Perhaps Douglas can shed some light on its story. Do not hesitate to join the group.


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