Saxophones serial numbers since 1922

Les numéros de série des saxophones SELMER depuis 1922
Since the first Henri SELMER Paris saxophone in 1922, each instrument has been assigned a serial number stamped on the bell or on the body. Here is the list of serial numbers over the years and according to the models.

For each instrument, a unique number

The serial number is a key element to know your saxophone better. Each serial number is unique, so it provides information on the date of manufacture of the instrument and helps to establish its authenticity.

Saxophones made in certain periods or with specific characteristics can be considered rarer and therefore more valuable in the market. Collectors often seek out specific series known for their special quality or their association with famous musicians. SELMER saxophones are indeed closely linked to great names in the history of music. Fans and collectors sometimes look for serial numbers that correspond to instruments played by iconic musicians.

Additionally, serial numbers provide information on the evolution of features and models. Over the decades, Henri SELMER Paris has made constant modifications and improvements to its saxophones. Serial numbers are a key to understanding the different evolutions and variations of models over time.

Serial number nomenclature

A specialist in the history of Maison SELMER, Douglas Pipher has been collecting data for more than 10 years in order to establish the most exhaustive list possible of the instruments produced by the company throughout history. A colossal work that allowed him to inventory nearly 841,000 saxophones.

In this table, the researcher has classified the instruments according to the model, indicating the range of serial numbers and the quantity produced. Some comments complete the picture (differentiation according to the tone of the instrument, special characteristics, stamping…).

Numéros de série


Douglas Piper Collector and researcher Douglas Pipher leads a community of saxophonists through a Facebook group. Are you looking for information on an ancient instrument? Perhaps Douglas can shed some light on its story. Do not hesitate to join the group.
In addition, Douglas continues to collect photos, do not hesitate to contact him if you have a rare saxophone!


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