Meet the EVOLUTION★ system clarinets

Clarinettistes : Découvrez le système EVOLUTION★ ?
Henri SELMER Paris is proud to present EVOLUTION★, a new system available on all our professional B-flat and A clarinets. This innovation combines a new generation resin into the wood, allowing better stability and longevity of the instrument, all while preserving the acoustic qualities of a wooden clarinet.

Wood + resin: the best of both worlds

The interior diameter of the upper joint is enlarged, only on the upper half, to combine the resin. The final boring is then done in a traditional way – by hand and with our same tools. The resin used is a new patented resin. It is from a biomass that does not contain bisphenol A (BPA). BPA has been substituted with molecules derived from biomass.

The acoustic quality of the preserved wooden clarinet

Scientific studies along with blind acoustic tests demonstrated that there is no notable difference in sound between traditional clarinets and EVOLUTION★ system clarinets.

The graphic bellow is from the acoustic research laboratory at the Arizona State University. The professor, Joshua Gardner, did a comparative study for us to compare the sound spectrums of the Privilège clarinets versus the Privilège EVOLUTION★ system clarinets.

The thermal conductivity characteristics of the resin are superior to those of ebony, and the acoustic trials done at the Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Paris confirmed it: clarinets equipped with the EVOLUTION★ system heat up more quickly and efficiently, so you can begin tuning faster.



 They tried the EVOLUTION★ system clarinets


"Living in the extreme Arizona climate, which can reach temperatures above 115°F (46°C) in the summer and below 32°F (0°C) in the winter, I need an instrument that is stable and reliable without compromising tone, intonation, or projection. With the Privilège EVOLUTION★, I get the rich, powerful sound and excellent intonation for which the Privilège is known, along with stability and crack prevention."

Joshua Gardner, Arizona State University  


“In November 2017, after a crack appeared on the upper joint of my clarinet, I had the opportunity to test the new EVOLUTION★ interior lining system. I was nothing but impressed because I found that all the qualities were absolutely the same as a wooden instrument. And I gained a peace of mind which no air conditioning or air travel can overcome!”

 Jessica Bessac, Orchestre National de France


“I have been testing the EVOLUTION★ system on the Privilège B-flat and A clarinets since 2017 and my experience has been quite positive: it has the same sensation as a regular bore, and it is always comfortable in terms of vibration and projection, and there are no cracks. I even find that in orchestra, when one changes rapidly between B-flat and A clarinets, the clarinets warm up faster.”

Jérôme Verhaeghe, Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Paris



The EVOLUTION★ system has been integrated to the Muse clarinet, and it is available on all our professional B-flat and A clarinets: Presence, Privilege, Signature and Recital. A star with five branches indicates the presence of the Evolution system on our clarinets. It is engraved on the top part of the upper joint.

The EVOLUTION★ system is done during the early production process, so it can not be done to existing upper joint. If you want to adapt your clarinet with the Evolution system, you can request an EVOLUTION★ upper joint.

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