Soledad Romero

Soledad Romero

Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Soledad Romero began music at the age of 5 at the Municipal School of Music Carlos Della Penna in baroque flute. She began her clarinet studies at the age of 13 with Professor Alberto Brass at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory (Buenos Aires) and finished her classical studies at the National Conservatory of Music Carlos Lopez Buchardo.

She then set out to discover Argentine popular music; the fusion between jazz and Argentine popular rhythms led her to join groups such as El Satiro and Pilar Ternera with whom she recorded albums in which she combined written and improvised music.

In 1999 she arrived in Paris to continue her studies of classical clarinet at the Georges Bizet Conservatory with Jérome Voisin (Principal Clarinet of the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra).

For the past 18 years (2002) she has been playing, singing and conducting the Cumbia Ya! orchestra inspired by the great jazz bands of the 1950s and traditional Colombian music, mixing the popular classical repertoire with her own compositions.

Cumbia Ya! has performed in numerous music festivals in France: Besançon International Music Festival, Théâtre de Caen, Amphi de l'Opera de Lyon, Festival de Chaillol, Les Jeudis du Port à Brest, Jazz sous les pommiers, Altitude jazz Festival, La Roche-sur Yon, Notes en Verts among others, and abroad: Algeria (Dima jazz) Argentina, Etas Unis, Belgium and Sweden.

This project includes the recording of 3 albums: La Amenaza Tropical (2003), No me Busques (2009) and La Mecanica del Porro (2014).

On the recording front, she joined the Ensemble Nord Sud (contemporary music) on clarinet and bass clarinet with whom she recorded the albums Anya: L'esprit des Tambours sacrés (2005) and Le Cirque des Mirages (2005).

In 2010, she founded the ensemble Extraño Norte, a tribute to Latin American music (Cuba-Colombia-Mexico-Argentina), commissioned by François Postaire, director of the amphitheatre of the Opera de Lyon. The ensemble was invited to Guidel by Polignac Ker-Jean's foundation "De l'Estran à l'Amérique du Sud" as part of a series of educational concerts devoted to world music, and continues its work during a tour organized by the Théâtre La Passerelle, Scène Nationale de Gap in collaboration with the Chaillol Festival "Les excentrés" (2011).

As a Tango singer she performs with the ensemble Las Malenas at the Triton, Jazz at La Villette and other scenes related to this musical line. She is also a Selmer artist since 2005.

With a fascination and curiosity for music and its social role, she continues her passionate search for new sounds and horizons.