Roots4 Clarinets

Roots4 Clarinets
Roots4Clarinets is a clarinet quartet formed in 2015. The group was born from the meeting of four clarinetists guided by the desire to share a human and musical adventure. Since its creation, the quartet explores a wide musical horizon, mixing original works and arrangements.

Rich in its diverse origins, Roots4Clarinets wishes to promote music from different cultures to the public. The group is also committed to a strong interpretation of today's music. They have played at the Musica festival as well as at the Musiques Éclatées festival in Strasbourg.

Their artistic requirement and their will of excellence are rewarded by obtaining the Grand Prix of the Jury for the best interpretation of a contemporary work during the International Competition of Interpretation of the Musics of Today in Boulogne-Billancourt with the piece Face à Face of Bruno Mantovani. They also won the first prize at the National Chamber Music Competition in Remiremont.

They travel all over France in order to make people discover the richness and diversity of the repertoire for clarinet quartet. Each concert is an invitation to travel, through styles, eras, sounds, instruments.

With Daisy Dugardin (Eb, Bb and bass clarinets), Juan Sebastian Cortés (Bb and A clarinets), Xavier Munoz (Bb, A, and basset horn clarinets), Justin Frieh (Bb and bass clarinets)


Photo credit : Grégory Massat