Juncal Salada Codina

Juncal Salada Codina

Juncal Salada Codina was born in 1993 in Manlleu (Barcelona). She began her clarinet studies at the age of 7.

She studied in Barcelona with Isaac Rodríguez, where she obtained the highest qualifications, then at the CRR of Nice in Michel Lethiec's advanced class. Currently and since 2015, she is studying at the CNSM of Paris with Philippe Berrod and Jérôme Comte. She is also following the CA training as a music teacher.

Passionate about the orchestra, she is currently a full member of the GMJO (Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester), she was also a member of the JONDE (National Youth Orchestra of Spain) and participated in the Academy of the MCO (Mahler Chamber Orchestra) in Germany. She is regularly invited by orchestras such as the Orchestre de Paris, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Opera of Limoges, etc.

She also has a passion for chamber music, whose repertoire and sounds she explores mainly in clarinet-piano and wind quintet formations. She has had the opportunity to play in several festivals in Spain and France, for example at La Folle Journée in Nantes, where she shared the stage with flutist Philippe Bernold. She usually collaborates with the Ensemble Calliopée

Winner of several international competitions in the chamber music and soloist categories, she has performed Mozart's concerto for clarinet and orchestra as a soloist, notably at the Nice Opera.

She has received advice from eminent clarinetists such as Yehuda Gilad, Andreas Sundén, Yves Didier, Laura Ruiz and Karl Leister. Juncal has received scholarships for young talent, such as the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe, the Tarrazi Foundation or the Legs-Jabès Foundation.

Photo credits: Laëtitia Lécuyer / Henri SELMER Paris