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John Brenner

John Brenner

John Brenner was born in 1987 in the North of France and began the music at the age of 4 years and a half at MASTROLILLI MUSIC where he started piano and solfège. His taste for music and his artistic sense develop from an early age.

At six and a half years old, his parents enroll him at the music school of Lambres Lez Douai where he continues the music theory and begins the saxophone. His teacher, Mr. Fabrice Binoit, teaches him the basics of the saxophone and makes him an accomplished musician. Thanks to the invaluable advice of his teacher, John Brenner wins the Noeux-Les-Mines Regional Wood Competition in 2000.

At the end of his music and saxophone studies at the music school, and wishing to pursue his musical studies for a professional purpose, he enrolled at the Conservatoire de Douai and then at the Conservatoire de Valenciennes. He works with Mr Pierre Grzeskowiak and Mr Michel Supera. John Brenner finished his studies and obtained between 2007 and 2010 a certificate of graduation in musical training, a diploma superior mention very well in chamber music and a unanimous gold medal in saxophone.

Parallel to his musical studies, he completed his school career by obtaining adiploma of musician intervening in schools in 2009.

During these years, John Brenner played in various formations: Saxophone quartet (Sunsax Quartet, Saxelerando), Big Band (Univers Jazz, Tea For Two), streetfanfares (Band'A Donff, F-451), dance bands harmonies, varieties, musette and funk/soul. The investment and involvement of John Brenner in these various formations, allowed him to acquire a certain experience of the scene and made him a complete and eclectic musician.

In 2011, he met Alain Stevez, leader of the GOLDMEN group (tribute to J.J.Goldman). A friendship and a musical complicity are immediately created between him and the other musicians and his full integration into the band as a saxophonist-percussionist-chorister is obvious.

In parallel with his music profession, John Brenner, anxious to transmit his passion and teach music, is a saxophone teacher at Violaines Music School (62).

Photo credits: Evelyne Péplinski - Christiane Deschuyteneer