Jean-Pascal Post

Jean-Pascal Post

Born in Poissy (close to Paris) from a musicians’s family, and graduating from the Paris’s National Conservatory of Music, Jean-Pascal Post, at age 18, began his musical career as soloist of the Pasdeloup Orchestra, with which he played the major concertos of repertoire that has brought him experience and recognition.

Recruited by Marek Janowski as soloist since 1985 at the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, he plays also under the batons of Myum-Wung Chung, Mikko Franck, Zubin Metha, Seiji Ozawa, etc. As an orchestral musician, he collaborated with the National OpéraTheater of Paris, France’s National Orchestra, The London Royal Orchestra, Paris’Orchestra etc.

In addition to his work in the orchestra, Jean-Pascal Post is active as a soloist and chamber player in, among other groups, the Pasdeloup Orchestra, the Camerata de Versailles, the Republican Guard Orchestra, and his passion for chamber music has allowed him to play in many festivals in France and abroad ( Sweden, Japan, Spain, Korea, Germany, China).

As a chamber musician, he has partnered with George Pludermacher, The String Quartet of the Paris Opera, Elodie Méchain, Jean-Pierre Wallez, Philippe Cassard, Svetlin Roussev, Stéphane Eicher, Kalhil Chahine, among others.

Meanwhile, Jean-Pascal Post is artistic advisor to the Selmer Paris company since 1997 and contributes to the development of clarinets and works closely in technical and acoustic fields with Jérôme Selmer.

He wrote for Leduc editor a collection of sonatas drawn from the work of Domenico Scarlatti and adapted for clarinet and very often chosen for many auditions (CNSM Paris & Lyon). Very involved in teaching, he also assists in masterclasses and recitals in France and abroad. His recordings where chamber music is an important figure.

In 1999 its participation in the Bakhtus by Khalil Chahine. He also recorded a disc entitled The Shoah for Clarinet and String Quartet by Alain Krotenberg.

Invited by the Bunka Kaika in Tokyo, Jean-Pascal Post played the Quartet for the End of Time for Messiaen’s Year.

Since 2017 he joined the London Philharmonic Orchestra for trial.

Photo credit: Henri Selmer Paris / Laëtitia Lécuyer