Hosup Song

Hosup Song
Hosup Song, who adds sincerity to his academic training in music, is a clarinetist who expresses the harmony between music and humanity with delicate expressiveness.
After graduating from Seoul Arts High School and Seoul National University in Korea, Hosup Song graduated from the Musik Hochschule in Munich (Meisterklasse 2001), Germany and the Basel Musik Hochschule (Konzertklasse 2003) in Switzerland.

He has participated in various events such as Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival, GAIDA International Contemporary Music Festival, Randfestspiele Zepernick, Musica Aperta, Bern Moderne, Musik AM 13, Hiroshima International Music Festival, Music Arama, Melos-Étos, Kaohsiung International Percussion Festival, Festival Présences ,etc.

Hosup Song is the leader of Ensemble DIAPASON, a member of Ensemble Eclat, and professor at Chugye University for the Arts.


Photo credit: Hosup Song