Géraldine Laurent

Géraldine Laurent

Saxophonist, Géraldine Laurent joined the Dreyfus Jazz label (Sony BMG) in 2007 and released Time Out Trio, her first record. From 2008, she records and performs with the drummer Aldo Romano on two projects in quartet: Just Jazz quartet with Henri Texier and Mauro Negri or, more recently, Complete communion to Don Cherry with Fabrizio Bosso. She also plays with many musicians: Laurent De Wilde, Pierre de Bethmann, Franck Agulhon, Emmanuel Bex, Terez Montcalm, Christian Escoudé, Jacques Mahieux Franck Avitabile, Anne Paceo, Alain Jean-Marie, Pierre Christophe...

In 2010 Géraldine Laurent records for Dreyfus Jazz her second album Around Gigi, released in October 2010, as well as Aldo Romano's latest opus in tribute to Don Cherry.

In 2020, Géraldine Laurent is winner of the VICTOIRES DU JAZZ 2020 in the album category, for COOKING (Gazebo label).

Photo credit: Steve Welles