Geoffrey Secco

Geoffrey Secco
Music and spirituality have always been linked.

From African collective trances, to Amazonian ceremonies, to Gregorian masses and Negro spirituals, Man seeks transcendence and connection.

But what music should we play to connect with our modern interiority? In what setting? To explore what universal wisdoms?

I couldn't find an answer. So I created the Concerts Under Hypnosis®.

2006: Studies at the Berklee College of Music

2007 : Pascal Obispo's tour

2008: TV show The New Star

2009: 1st album Jam With The Electro

2010: Patricia Kaas' Tour

2011 : Concerts with Yannik Noah - stade de france & arrangements

2012: TV show Dancing with the Stars

2013: Charles Aznavour's tour

2014: Robbie Williams Promo Concerts

2015: 2nd album Element of sun

2016: Creation of Concert under Hypnosis®

2017 : Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

2018 : Concert under Hypnosis® tour