Fabien Chouraki

Fabien Chouraki

Along with his studies "classic" (first prize unanimously the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris - 1988, 1st prize at the CNR of Boulogne Billancourt and winning competitions -1993 UFAM and Martigues), he studied jazz with saxophonists among other Yochk'o Seffer and Jean Louis Chautemps while earning a degree in musicology.

In 1994, he undertook research at the National Library to find the forgotten works but not devoid of interest. This has been a first CD Tribute to Adolphe Sax devoted exclusively to the works of 19th century saxophone and reveals world's first directory that even experts do not suspect. Legends, his second CD includes original works by Debussy, Caplet, Indy (some unpublished) where he worked in a spirit of authenticity. We are allowed to see and hear Fabien CHOURAKI in different issues (the circle of Midnight, France 2, Carrefour de l'Odeon France Inter, France Musiques the imaginary). Both recordings have received numerous awards from the specialized press (Phonebook, Classica, Diapason, Le Monde de la Musique) and are subject to a complete and reprints from Lemoine Fuzeau.

Another facet of his atypism, it is also considered as musician for records and galas. As can be seen from the entertainers (Sappho, Kass) or rock (Pigalle, the butchers) or experimental groups (Urban Sax). Several CDs & DVDs can attest to these experiments and collaborations.

With his "buddies Conservatory" is originally a saxophone quartet Y'Aka Sax playing his own music. Many concerts & festivals led to the creation of two CDs, one of which (doing the dishes) refers in this regard to training (4 stars Jazzman, Classica recommended). His jazz side is also expressed by the fact that it participates in several jazz bands and fusion : Satori, Fox Line Up Tafani quartet Stiguibat, Szanilos quartet Senggha.

Random encounters, he encourages composers (among other E.Rolin, JL.Dhermy, J.Lejeune,) to write to him, and has recorded an album of works for saxophone and electroacoustic device, in co-production with INA-GRM / Radio France. Was followed by a series of concerts throughout France, ("Tour Paysaginaire" Sunset, Archipelago, Radio France).

Since 2004, the encounter with the organ results in unexpected formation Saxophone & Organ: SaxOrgue. Some two hundred and fifty concerts and three CDs show that despite appearances, this union meeting a huge success.

His teaching skills enable him to obtain the state diploma and certificate professor of proficiency as a teacher. Initiated numerous educational projects (cf. Rendezvous single reeds, fall festival) is also a professor of saxophone at the Conservatoire Régional de Bordeaux.

Currently, activities are divided between the various sets he made: Duo André Caplet (Saxophone and Piano), SaxOrgue (Saxophone and Organ) Paysaginaire (Saxophones and electroacoustic) Soledad (Saxophone & Guitar) Y'Aka Sax (quartet saxophone). Finally, this "scholar saxophone" (cf. jazzman) created "Faces of the saxophone" an association for the promotion and dissemination of the saxophone which areas of action involve both teaching, publishing, documentation phonographic production and live performance.