Émile Parisien

Émile Parisien

The story of Emile Parisien began with the first class of the "collège-jazz" in Marciac, where he discovered this music and his apprenticeship, surrounded by confirmed musicians such as Pierre Boussaguet, Guy Laffitte and Tonton Salut. He deepens his teaching by enrolling at the Toulouse Conservatory, where he studies classical and contemporary music.

In 2000, Emile Parisien moved to Paris, where he met Rémi Vignolo, Manu Codjia, Hervé Sellin, Olivier Temime, Bertrand Renaudin, Paco Sery, Yaron Herman, Christophe Walleme, Charlier/Sourisse, Jacky Terrasson, Michel Portal, Eric Serra, with whom he acquired solid stage experience.

During these years, he also had the chance to rub shoulders with great personalities such as Chris Mc Bride, Johnny Griffin and Wynton Marsalis, who gave him the opportunity to perform with them at the Marciac Festival. Co-creator of the show HIP 11, mixing jazz and hip hop dance, he travels to French and European theatres.

In 2004 Emile Parisien felt the need to assert his artistic identity and decided to create his own group. Inspired by 20th century composers, but also by John Coltrane or Wayne Shorter, Emile Parisien Quartet gives an expressionist character to a music where improvisation is the main element. Pushing back the limits of the concrete, he reaches a very personal and resolutely modern expression thanks to the complicity of the musicians.

Photo credit : Oliver Abels - Nathalie Dubleumortier