Douglas Braga

Douglas Braga

A Brazilian musician and composer, Douglas Braga has won numerous saxophone prizes in Brazil and two prizes in France (First prize at the 2012 Parisian Competition and Third prize at the 2012 Adolphe Sax Competition in L'haÿ-les-Roses).

He is currently a musician with the São Paulo Wind Band, artistic director of the São Paulo Classical Saxophone Festival and musician of the Sax Brasil and Sax quartets in Brazuca. He performs frequently in chamber music with the pianist Nathália Kato.

Douglas Braga is also a saxophone teacher at the Music School of Parc Ibirapuera in São Paulo. During his studies, he has had as saxophone teachers Milton Vito, Dilson Florencio, Marc Sieffert, Emiliano Barri, Dale Underwood, Claude Delangle, Vincent David, Arno Bornkamp, Philippe Braquart, etc.

As a soloist, he has performed with several orchestras in Brazil. As a composer, Douglas has become one of the most active Brazilian composers by composing numerous works for several instrumental formations. He is currently the only composer from Latin America invited to join the Global Première Consortium Commissioning Project.