David Roach

David Roach

David Roach was born in 1955. Originally a classical Oboist and Rock ‘n’ Funk Saxophonist, in his 20s David was musical director for soul legend Billy Ocean, a founder member of The Myrha Saxophone Quartet with John Harle, a regular woodwind artist for BBC children’s programs and began a long and happy relationship with the National Theatre.

As a Coda-Landscape recording artist in the 1980s David made 3 albums, tracks from which are still played worldwide. In 1983 he joined Michael Nyman’s Band with whom he still performs today; David features on the dozens of albums Nyman has released over the last 30 years and co-produced The Suit and the Photograph, Sangam and London Saxophonic’s album An Eye for a Difference.

David played for Frank Sinatra in his European tours of the early 1990s and during the millennium he was, for a time, baritone saxophonist in the Apollo Saxophone Quartet with fellow artists Rob Buckland and Andy Scott.

His clear voiced soprano and alto saxophones have featured in many Film and Television scores. David has played with most of the major London Orchestras including 25 years as first-call for the Philharmonia Orchestra and he has been a visiting professor of chamber music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. David has temporarily foresworn all his previous ‘doublings’ (oboe, flute, clarinet & EWI) and at this time he only plays the saxophone.

Photo credit: ©ADeniau HRes