Annick Villanueva

Annick Villanueva

Before devoting her time mainly to conducting, Frenchwoman Annick Villanueva had a career as a clarinettist and teacher. First Prize in Clarinet and Chamber Music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, laureate of the Toulon International Wind Instrument Competition, she intends to become a teacher after obtaining the Clarinet Teacher's Certificate. She was also clarinettist in the National Police Harmony Orchestra, and in 2013 she founded the Tango and C° quartet (clarinet, saxophone, accordion, percussion).

Passionate about orchestral conducting since the age of 9, she has been taking lessons in orchestral conducting in parallel to her clarinet training, and has successfully passed the Diploma of Aptitude for the Direction of Musical Societies, then the State Diploma. She currently conducts the Orchestre d'Harmonie de la Ville du Havre and the “Pointe de Caux” symphony orchestra. Attaching great importance to transmission, Annick also conducts a youth harmony orchestra at the Arthur Honegger Conservatory of Le Havre, where she is professor of the conducting class.

Annick is also regularly solicited to conduct various projects (woodwind orchestra, large brass ensemble, symphony orchestra with choirs...).

Very much involved in the Confédération Musicale de France (CMF), she is a member of the Harmony Commission which works regularly to develop amateur practices and repertoires in the world of the wind band.

Finally, after having followed a very complete training given by several recognized conductors such as Philippe Ferro, Félix Hauswirth, Blaise Héritier, Pascale Jeandroz, Jean-Claude Kolly, Norbert Nozy , Éric Villevière, Claude Pichaureau, Ernst Schelle, Bruno Poindefert, Michel Fuste-Lambezat, Annick is since 2011 graduated from the International Confederation of Musical Societies (CISM) to be a member of the international juries of wind ensemble competitions worldwide. As a result, she has been a jury member on several occasions: most recently, at the European Championship for Wind Orchestras (ECWO) in 2018 in Brussels and at the Norwegian National Championship in 2019 in Trondheim.

Her eclectic career has led her to perform in many countries: Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, China, Spain, Finland, Holland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland…