"This album explores various facets of my imagination with sometimes a lyrical saxophone, sometimes rhythmic or just treated like a percussion instrument. The colours of these pieces are punctuated with musical and cultural references. As a performer, these compositions are also the reflection of a musical and technical achievement that highlights the modernity of the saxophone with different styles and influences.

From sonata to solo, through a mixed quarter with drums, double bass, piano and saxophone, this program will make you rediscover the melodic and rhythmic capacities of Adolphe SAX's creation. " - Vincent David

On this album, Vincent David (on alto and soprano saxophones) joins Sébastien Vichard and Julien Le Pape on piano, Nicolas Crosse on double bass and Éric Échampard on drums.

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Vincent David

Vincent David is graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in 1996 with a first prize with unanimity. His repertoire is varied and includes creations as well as transcriptions...  Learn more about Vincent David