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Thomas Dhuvettere

Originally from Haute-Normandie, Thomas Dhuvettere trained in various conservatories and obtained a regional Diploma of Musical Studies with a TB mention. He continued his studies at the CE-FEDEM of Normandy and at the Universities of Caen and Le Mans where he obtained the State Diploma of Saxophone Teacher as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Management of Cultural Products with a specialization in artistic and cultural activities.

He holds a PEA in saxophone and is in charge of direction. He is laureate of various competitions such as Bellan, Montdidier and semi-finalist of the international saxophone tournament of Limoges in 2001.

He has been teaching saxophone at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental d'Alençon since 2005. He has been a trainer for the state diploma training at the Pôle Sup Bretagne/Pays de la Loire and orchestra training at the school for Yamaha Europe and is regularly invited as a jury member for the territorial civil service competitions.

Parallel to his career as a teacher and musician, he has been in charge of artistic education at the Orne Departmental Council since 2011. Passionate about chamber music, he was a founding member of the Aeolia saxophone quartet from 2004 to 2010 with whom he participated in the programme "Carnets de festivals d'Alain Duault". He is currently a member of the Misterioso quartet and performs regularly in sonata or saxophone-organ duet.

In 2014, he founded with Jérôme Laran, the International Saxophone Academy of Alençon where students from all over the world come to perfect their skills.

In 2015, he records Ida Gotkovsky's quartet under the Woodbox label.

Thomas plays regularly with various orchestras such as the Orchestra of Herouville, JSB, Opus61, Geste, Wind Prestige Orchestra, the Orchestra of Normandy, the Opera of Rouen and the National Orchestra of Ile de France.

In addition, he is a guest professor at the TSE Summer Academy in Taipei, Taiwan.

Soprano Saxophone
Series III soprano

The Series III Soprano ensures greater playability, particularly as regards pitch and blowing.

The blowing emission of its high register extended to high G has been largely facilitated. Selecting a straight or curved neck allows to get well acquainted with it.

Alto Saxophone
Super Action 80 Serie II alto

The 'Super Action 80 Series II' called 'Series II' is the oldest model manufactured in our factory. It holds the acoustic qualities of historic models. Backbone of our catalogue, it is the alto versatile par excellence.

Tenor Saxophone
Series III Tenor

The 'Series III' Tenor has marked, when released in 1997, an actual revival of the great playing flexibility of the old models. This gives it an ease of playing very much appreciated by saxophonists of all levels.

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