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Privilege Bb/A Clarinet

Known for their great flexibility and stability, the clarinets Privil├Ęge are being refined in aesthetics, ergonomics and accuracy. The keys redesigned, the new key orientation and improvement of the mechanical response make it easier the clarinettist's adaptation to the Privilege.
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Saxophones Series II

The 'Super Action 80 Series II' baritone offers excellent consistency of sound over the whole register, without break-up between low and high notes.

Mouthpieces Concept

Concept is a model of high acoustic precision, combining ease of playability, richness of sound and great consistency on all parameters.

Second hand Rewind Project


For more than a century, we have been making instruments that contribute to the history of instrument making. Saxophones, clarinets, brass, woodwinds...

Vintage or recent, we have selected for you SELMER instruments that have already made the joy of many musicians. Revised and adjusted with the greatest care by our craftsmen or by the best repairers of our authorised network, they are now offered for sale on our website.

Now it's up to you to give them a second wind...

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The Henri SELMER Paris brand can be found worldwide thanks to a network of retail shops selected for their technical expertise and the wide choice they offer
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Selmer & Friends Hayrapet Arakelyan

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