A mouthpiece designed with Claude Delangle
The gold-plated metal ring characteristic of Adolphe Sax’s first mouthpieces and its cutaway design testify to a privileged relationship between tradition and the latest advances of the Concept family. The gold-plated metal ring lines the entire bore and allows for a denser, fuller sound with increased projection.
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Series III alto
The Series III alto is no doubt the most performing of our catalogue. This very accurate model in terms of tuning and emission offers a great richness of tone.
Privilege Bb / A
Recognized for their great versatility and their stability, the 'Privilège' clarinets stand out through their aesthetics, ergonomics and tuning.
Once upon a time...
The birth of a saxophone

Made up of more than 850 parts for the alto, the saxophone is a particularly complex instrument. Depending on the type of saxophone, the manufacture can necessitate anywhere between 30 to 60 working hours. 

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