Bass Saxophone Super Action 80 Series II Bass

The bass saxophone is an extremely rare and demanding instrument. With the evolution of repertoires instruments with extreme ranges are more and more requested.

The SELMER 'Super Action 80 Series II' bass saxophone is particularly adapted to this new trend: its design and acoustic... + Read more

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Super Action 80 Series II Bass
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Technical caracteristics

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low Bflat/high F sharp
Thumb rest (removable), in plastic - Waterkey on the upper arm - Non-slip holder
Leather pads, metal booster.
Clear Lacquer Engraved (VG), Silver Plated Engraved (AG)
S80 C* B-flat Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece Clear Lacquer, B-flat Bass Saxophone Light Case.
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"The Super Action Series II bass saxophone offers extremely rich sound with many harmonics, amazing possibilities in articulating all sounds and all extended techniques!"
Pedro Bittencourt