United saxophones #3: Claude Delangle plays a concerto by Frank Ticheli

United saxophones #3 : Claude Delangle  joue un concerto de Frank Ticheli
For the third episode of the series, we present a concerto for alto saxophone and wind ensemble by Frank TICHELI, performed by Claude Delangle and the Orchestre d'Harmonie de la Région Centre (OHRC).

This piece was commissioned by a consortium led by the American saxophonist Clifford Leaman and featuring 18 ensembles and their 17 solo saxophonists: Griffin Campbell, Christopher Creviston, Claude Delangle, Adam Estes, Eric Lau, Clifford Leaman, Shyen Lee, Chien-Kwan Lin, Joseph Lulloff, Douglas Masek, Timothy McAllister, Otis Murphy, Matt Olson, Timothy Roberts, David Stambler, Masahito Sugihara et Kenneth Tse.

Wishing to renew the repertoire and put together a piece that is easy to program for a relatively light formation, they called upon Frank Ticheli, a great specialist in wind orchestras.

Claude Delangle and the Orchestre d'Harmonie de la Région Centre (OHRC) then went on tour throughout France to play this work and introduce it to the public, especially young musicians. Two master classes also took place.

"We were able to exchange in a very personal way during these public courses. It's obviously a great joy because socially, that's really rich. And we can see that music like that is inscribed in the territories, thanks to wind instruments, essentially thanks to wind instruments, and allows a musical lift quite extraordinary." (Claude Delangle)

The concerto is in three movements inspired by three birds: The Falcon, The Swan and The Raven. The first one is very aggressive, lively, fast. The second has a poignant and sad energy. The last contains a kind of dark, threatening aggressiveness.

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