Thierry Oriez named President of Henri Selmer Paris

Thierry Oriez est nommé président de Henri SELMER Paris
Press release – Paris (France), 20 July 2021 – "Thierry Oriez succeeds Jérôme Selmer as President of the Henri Selmer Paris group, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality saxophones and a key player in the production of clarinets and mouthpieces. Jérôme Selmer will remain a member of the Supervisory Board and thus stay in close contact with the company founded by his great-grandfather."

For more than 25 years, Thierry Oriez has been managing French, family-owned companies with prestigious brands. For the past seven years (2014-21), he has been President & CEO of J.M. Weston, a luxury shoe manufacturer founded in 1891 and based in Limoges, France. Before that, he was President & CEO of Christofle (2007-14).


Mr Oriez will leverage his experience and his fine-tuned knowledge of the sale of high-quality products worldwide to pursue the growth and development of Henri SELMER Paris. He will deploy his expertise in imparting value and transmitting artisanal know-how, crucial to preserving an artistic profession. As the company’s new president, he will strive to promote creativity and continue to be of service to musicians, while preserving the SELMER’s values and family-owned character. To do so, he will rely on a team of devoted, skilled artisans, heirs to a unique manufacturing tradition.


Jérôme Selmer said, “In the tradition of my ancestors, I have worked to ensure that the image of Henri SELMER Paris continues to shine throughout the world. I am confident that the new management will bring more success to our storied company. Let’s combine our talents to design the future and continue to nurture the company my great-grandfather founded in 1885.


Thierry Oriez added, “I have spent my entire career serving highly-skilled manufacturing and family-owned companies. At SELMER, I see similar values of long-term commitment and determination to grow by blending tradition with modernity. I will seek to promote and accompany the development of Selmer’s exceptional, French savoir-faire.


Louis Godron, founding partner of Argos Wityu, private equity fund and majority shareholder of Henri SELMER Paris since March 2018 alongside members of the family and management team, concluded, “I am very thankful to Jérôme Selmer for the 40 years he has devoted to promoting Selmer and its expertise. Innovation has always had a special place in Jérôme’s heart, and this has led to highly successful products, such as the recently launched Supreme saxophone. I am fully confident that Thierry Oriez will know how to carry on the tradition of Henri SELMER Paris. He will bring his visionary outlook, while preserving the company’s identity.


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