The Sound and me' #06 with Rosario Giuliani

The Sound and me #06 avec Rosario Giuliani
Today, it's Rosario Giuliani's turn to tell us about his relationship to sound. The Italian saxophonist makes the connection between the sound of a saxophone and the voice of a person, that changes with the emotions...

Make a sound unique...

« Sound is one of the fundamental things in our lives, because each person is represented by the sound of a voice, and the voice is very personal. The voice is something that represents us by a very specific sound; people who know us also recognize us by our voice.

The relationship I have to and with the sound is to make my sound unique so that it is precisely recognizable. That's the work I do every day: trying to reach more and more the sound I have in mind. It probably never ends, every day we manage to produce a sound that, at that moment, seems to be part of our mind, part of our way of seeing music, but it changes every day.»

Through our emotions...

« Every day, this sound can change. That's the beauty of sound, just like our voice. Our voice can be sad or tired, it can be a hoarse voice, a screaming voice... And the voice changes depending on how we live our lives.

The sound of our instrument, of our music, also changes according to the emotions of our life. So we sound sad when we are sad, we sound happy when we are happy, and therefore the music changes through our emotions. It is our emotions that speak through the sound.

As far as I am concerned, the sound of a person's voice, the sound of a musician's instrument, should be the expression of his emotions


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