The Sound and me #09 with Dmitry Baevsky

The Sound and me #09 avec Dmitry Baevsky
In this new episode, New York saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky shares his vision of sound and his way of working on it...

An issue that doesn't stop

« Whatever I do, whatever I play, whatever I don't play, the sound has to always be the most important thing. It's a physical, it's a philosophical, it's an issue that doesn't stop. You always think about the sound. There's many ways of working on it. Sometimes it's not necessarily practicing it. It's just maybe thinking or getting inspiration from other musicians or even instruments

A specific sound

« All the Masters have the most amazing sound and very specific sound and very unique sound that you can't confuse, they can play one note and you know immediately what it is. It could be Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Johnny Griffin... The list goes on and on. So you could have a great sound, but it doesn't have enough personality, that's a different issue.»

Being grounded

« When I play and I feel the sensation of having at least a decent sound, if not a good sound, I feel comfortable, I feel grounded, I feel very strong, rooted in the stage or where I'm playing, in a club, in a concert hall...

So for me, sound has a connection with being grounded. It's something that holds you together, holds your music concept together. And I know that if I am playing and I'm not happy with my sound, I feel very vulnerable. For me, having a good sound is a sign of being comfortable, being relaxed and being able to communicate my ideas to people in a better way.»


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