The Sound and Me #19 with Pierrick Pédron

The Sound and Me #19 avec Pierrick Pédron
It's Pierrick Pédron's turn to be interviewed for The Sound and Me series ! Awarded Artist of the Year at the Victoires du Jazz 2021, the artist comes back on his influences, twenty years after his recording debut...


"The sound I prefer is not mine. I mean, we still need, we always want to have the sound of others, actually. We know very little about our own sound. What makes, I think, the nature of one's own sound, is precisely the mixture of all the ones we like. But deep down, what we want to hear when we play, is the sound of the saxophonists that we've always loved.

Personally, what I would dream to have on the alto, it's the sound of Coltrane. I know it's absolutely impossible, but I think that in the timbre that I'm trying to get, there must be a little something of it, a little something of Coltrane, because I've listened to him so much and I like him a lot. And of the others too, of Bird, of all my influences. Finally, the sound I know the least, well, it's mine."


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