The Sound and Me #18 with Asya Fateyeva

The Sound and Me #18 avec Asya Fateyeva
With classical training and multiple awards under her belt, Asya loves to explore a wide range of styles and periods together with musicians from the areas of classical and jazz music. She tells us about her relationship to the saxophone sound...


"As I was six, I started playing piano, but there was something missing for me. So when I tried saxophone at ten years old, I felt completely in love with this... maybe sensual thing with the sound. I could do everything with the air. I could go very wild and loud, not so quiet at the beginning, then I learned to do it. But it's really amazing things. You are so free with the sound, with saxophone. And then, of course, sound for me in general is something very essential. It's something explaining the world. It's about how I feel the world and how I connect with it. And I think also by growing or developing different things in you, you are changing your perspective to the sound. And for me, the sound should not be always beautiful. It's not what I'm looking for. It's more the expression of the sound I'm looking for. It can be angry, it can be wild, it should be colorful, I think, it can be only one color, but if it's really the chosen one. But it should be something that express the feelings, that touches public or listeners or yourself. To be alive and to be in touch with the sound, that's what I'm always looking for."

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