Saxopholmes, a musical theatre piece by the Laloy Quartet

Saxopholmes, pièce de théâtre musical par le Quatuor Laloy
After the success of their show Le Restaurant, the four young saxophonists of the Laloy Quartet continue the adventure of a creative musical theatre, this time around a delirious investigation by Sherlock Holmes. Based on a text by Hervé Péjaudier written to measure and around original pieces by Benjamin Attahir, they juggle like acrobats between text and music, for a virtuoso show, hilarious, but not only…

The Laloy Quartet has always been a quartet with a dynamic of novelty. First Prize at the Nantes Saxophone Competition in 2010, the group (composed of Nicolas Arsenijevic, Eva Barthas, Julien Bire and Vincent Dupuy) multiplies projects and mix tango, jazz, Balkan music, classical music and contemporary creation.

The new show Saxopholmes brings us back to the wild adventures that will lead Holmes, Watson and Lestrade in pursuit of Colonel Mustard's assassins and the thieves of a bus full of scientists that they are holding hostage… Where is the cursed bus, and who are these scientists being held hostage? Did Holmes die at Reichenbach Falls? Has he lost his mind? And what is that mysterious voice that seems to be pulling the strings? We'll find out by following these new adventures, where every twist and turn is a piece of music that gives colour to the story and meaning to the narrative.

The burlesque text, very virtuoso, with no restraints, punctuated by delirious monologues or melancholic songs, is carried by the musical actors who play one role after another, transforming themselves on sight and becoming acrobats from theatrical to musical play, without any break. The result is a story where the audience goes from surprises to twists and turns, and a concert where they discover little gems for saxophone quartet.

Photo and video credit : Clément Reboul