[Know-how] Saxophone welder in metalworking

[Savoir-faire] Soudeur saxophone en chaudronnerie

Born from a simple sheet of brass, the saxophone takes shape through a number of complex operations requiring rare know-how. At Henri SELMER Paris manufacture, located in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, welders assemble the brass parts to enable the instruments to take shape. A TIG welder in the SELMER workshops for the past year, Yohann tells you all about his job…

The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) process is an arc welding process with a non-fusible electrode, in the presence of a filler metal if necessary - silver, in our case.

TIG welding is a quality weld, thanks to the production of a stable arc, which makes it possible to weld small thicknesses. It requires special dexterity on the part of the welder.

After working for two years as a welder in an exhaust pipe company, Yohann chose to join our workshop and now welds saxophone bows and bells.

“I was a welder but I didn't think I would necessarily weld musical instruments, since Maisons such as SELMER are pretty rare. It's a surprising and rewarding experience."

TIG welding

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