[Know-how] The reinforcement ring of saxophone bells

[Savoir-faire] Le bordage des pavillons de saxophone
Working in the hammering workshop since 1995, Éric was first a blacksmith before moving into the final bell manufacturing process fifteen years ago.

An essential step in the manufacture of the saxophone, this job consists of crimping a brass wire around the bell in order to stiffen it. It extends the lifespan of the instrument: it is in fact this wire which allows repairers to straighten the bell when it has been damaged.

The wire is not soldered ; it must be put in place by rolling it up, and work hardened sufficiently so that it does not relax during new annealing phases. Indeed, if this part relaxes too much, the wire inside risks coming free, which would have repercussions on the acoustics of the instrument...

"It is like blacksmithing: you see the right gesture, but it takes time to reproduce it yourself. The company has never been afraid of spending several months with a person when it's about certain training."

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