Radio Kientzy, the radio of the classical saxophone

Radio Kientzy, la radio du saxophone classique
Since 2016, the radio station initiated by saxophonist Daniel Kientzy has been broadcasting 24 hours a day studio recordings in which the saxophone plays the leading role...

The radio of an artist dedicated to contemporary musical creation

Daniel Kientzy is an international artist who is very active in the creation of avant-garde music. Concertos, concertinos, solo pieces, chamber music, electroacoustic works... More than 700 works have been dedicated to him. He is also one of the only musicians in the world to master the entire saxophone family, from sopranino to contrabass. Playing and considering these seven instruments without any hierarchy is what he calls the "saxophone total".

In 2016, he created, a Nova Musica radio established with the support of the Francis and Mica Salabert Foundation and the Kientzy Bucuresti Foundation. It broadcasts continuously studio recordings, mainly of contemporary music works written for Daniel Kientzy. Improvised music is also highlighted in languages and impromptu constructions of the contemporary music type.


The saxophones in the lead role...

On this radio we hear every day each of the seven saxophones. Most often soloists, but very rarely alone, they are accompanied by all the instruments of the symphony orchestra, either in their entirety in the concertos or distributed in countless concertinos.

They are sometimes surrounded by instruments rarely used in classical music, notably vintage instruments from the psychedelic era, here diverted from commercial music for purely contemporary artistic expression.

All these instruments also join with voices (alone or in a choir, sung or even spoken) and very often with electroacoustic, acousmatic and/or in vivo voices.


A rich and singular repertoire

The majority of the works are produced by Daniel Kientzy, and most of the 50 concertos are directed by Càlin Loachimescu. Chamber music is well represented with, among others, Meta-duo (Kientzy and Portuondo - saxophone(s) and electronics) and Trio Alto (Kientzy, Petroiu and Vîrtosu - alto saxophone, alto and piano).

The programs also include a new type of musical work conceived by Kientzy: Phonostücks. These are works whose destination is not the concert, but its fixation on an audio support to be listened to acousmatically in private (or in public). Detached from material contingencies and enjoying without hindrance the acoustico-expressive means of the music creation studio, this new type of composition still pushes back a little the limits of musical poetic expression. These phonostücks are to the concert (konzertstück) what cinema is to the theatre.

Radio Kientzy Saxophone-Total's repertoire is a significant reflection of international musical creation at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Although less than half a century old, its content can transport the listener into sensory states and imaginary lands of remarkable diversity. Of course, one should avoid the loudspeaker of the telephone in order to experience it... Put your headphones!


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