[Portrait] The art of engraving on saxophone according to Michel, 32 years of experience

[Savoir-faire] L’art de la gravure sur saxophone selon Michel, 32 ans de Maison
The evolution of techniques, collector instruments or special orders from Manu Dibango… Engraver at Henri SELMER Paris since 1989, Michel Brigonet looks back on 32 years rich in memories.

Amateur of drawing since childhood, it is in the engraving of saxophones that Michel Brigonet blossomed professionally. A craft that requires a great sense of aesthetics, but also concentration, precision and dexterity, especially since it comes at the end of the manufacturing process.

In his 32 years with the company, Michel has witnessed and participated in the evolution of techniques and tools. The design of engravings has indeed become more refined over time, requiring even more nimbleness, and the Master Engraver has been directly involved in these developments. It is indeed from the Tribute to Bird collection, which he partly elaborated, that the features have been refined.

Tribute to bird gravure

"There have been many experiences, like the period of the Collectors, where there was a creation of drawingss which was superb. There, we learn and discover and create. It's wonderful. SELMER gave me this chance. [...] There was Manu Dibango too, who came several times to our workshop, I engraved three instruments for him!"

While he played a major role in the design of collector instruments or exceptional orders, Michel Brigonet also trained several young people in the profession, while spreading his benevolence and good humor within the workshops.

Freshly retired, we wish him all the best for the future and thank him warmly for these 32 years spent at our side, within Maison SELMER.


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