Play black: a refined finish for clarinet

Play black : une finition noire pour clarinette
For three years now, we have been offering a black finish for the Privilège and Présence clarinets. Back to a success story...

Since the creation of the company, musicians have been the starting point of all our adventures, and the black series illustrates this once again.

A few years ago, Michael Lowenstern, a renowned clarinettist based in New York, asked us to build him a black bass Privilège clarinet. We did so and it didn't take long for other musicians to show interest. Several special orders were made before we decided to offer this special finish to the public. So in 2017, Henri SELMER Paris added the black finish to his catalogue for the Bb/A and bass Privilège models, as well as Bb/A Présence.

The acoustic definition of the instrument remains the same, it is the finish of the keywork and its fittings (balls, thumb rest, ferrules... ) that changes. We cover these parts with a refined and sustainable finish of matt black chrome plating.

Since then, requests have continued to come in and we have received many positive feedbacks and thanks. Radovan Cavallin (Principal Clarinet of the Canary Islands Philharmonic Orchestra and Professor at the Academy of Music of the OFGC) recently gave a beautiful testimony about his black Privilège Clarinet...

« During my professional career as a clarinetist I've had the great pleasure to perform on nearly all Henri SELMER Paris models: Centered Tone, series 9, series 9*, 10S, 10S II, Recital, Signature, Privilège, with extreme satisfaction. Henri SELMER has always been one of the finest clarinet makers in the world.

With the new Black Privilège Model, the brand has brought clarinet making to a completely different level.

What an extraordinary clarinet! A beautiful softness and roundness of tone, a great sound projection capable of filling the largest concert halls, easy articulation and homogeneity in all registers, impeccable intonation and  ease of blending with other instruments that I highly appreciate as an orchestral musician.

My most sincere congratulations to the Henri SELMER Paris house for making such a wonderful clarinet! Chapeau !

I am enjoying it every day and I highly recommend it to everyone. »

Radovan Cavallin

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Photo credit: Laetitia Lécuyer - Bernard Doughty