Pierrick Pédron x John Coltrane : Countdown (rewind)

Pierrick Pédron x John Coltrane : Countdown (rewind)
For Pierrick Pédron, the lockdown was an opportunity to work the saxophone in a different way and to conceive a crazy project: deconstructing a piece by learning it from end to beginning, then rebuilding it in a different way...

“Learn by heart the piece from beginning to end but… in reverse, so from the end to the beginning. It's a lot of work. Learning a piece note by note without harmonic marks is a bit like learning a long text with random words. The aim of all this is to play and work on unknown phrases on harmonies whose relationship is unexpected” confides Pierrick Pedron.

In this first video, you can discover Countdown by John Coltrane played backwards by Pierrick Pédron and his friends.

In the second video, Pierrick Pédron has decided to “rewind” the first song; you will hear Coltrane's solo and the famous Countdown theme. The art of deconstructing and rebuilding a piece according to Pierrick Pédron...

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