Nicolas Arsenijevic releases INVENIENDI

Nicolas Arsenijevic sort INVENIENDI
In his new album to be discovered today, the saxophonist pays tribute to Johannes Brahms' clarinet quintet in a version for alto saxophone and strings.

Often described as one of the most brilliant saxophonists of his generation, Nicolas Arsenijevic is a graduate of the CNSM and winner of numerous international competitions including the prestigious Adolphe Sax Competition in Dinant (Belgium) in 2014.

A member of several chamber music ensembles such as Quatuor Laloy, Saxback Ensemble Kosmopolitevitch Orkestar and Ensemble Octopus, Nicolas Arsenijevic has been paying his divided attention to contemporary creations, original as well as transcribed compositions, traditional music or even musical theatre.

In this new album, he renews with the queen of chamber music history by surrounding himself with a string quartet.

« In my imaginary sound, the saxophone's sound can take on different shades while remaining singular. I see it as a wind violin, brass or woodwind violin with a timbre in different poetic universes, fusing its sound with that of the string quartet without difficulty » he explains.

Originally conceived as a tribute to Johannes Brahms' Clarinet and String Quintet in B minor, Op. 115, the album opens with a transcription of this piece for string quartet and alto saxophone. Two creations then mix and melt the sound textures of these instruments: Inveniendi (by Ricardo Nillni) and L'Or et le cuivre (by Jean-Baptiste Doulcet). Finally, Adolf Busch's quintet for alto saxophone and strings echoes the previous works and closes the programme.

You can listen to the full album on Spotify et Deezer.

Graduated from the CNSM in Claude Delangle's class in 2016, Nicolas Arsenijevic is a virtuoso of the alto and soprano saxophones. A member of several chamber ensembles, Nicolas Arsenijevic also devotes part of his time to contemporary creation... Learn more about Nicolas Arsenijevic