Mozart Clarinet Works, Raphaël Sévère new album

Mozart Clarinet Works, le nouvel album de Raphaël Sévère
The clarinetist releases a new album dedicated to Mozart's concerto and quintet, in collaboration with the Modigliani Quartet and the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris conducted by Lars Vogt.

Winner of the Tokyo Competition at the age of 12, named Instrumental Soloist Revelation at the Victoires de la Musique at the age of 15, Raphaël Sévère won the 1st Prize at the Young Concert Artists International Competition in New York in November 2013 as well as eight of the ten special prizes.

For this new album on the Mirare label, the artist is surrounded by the Modigliani Quartet, one of the most sought-after string quartets of our time, and the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris under the brilliant direction of Lars Vogt.

"We were in perfect osmosis with the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris and its formidable musicians, and the meeting with Lars Vogt was a particularly strong
moment for me. As a great Mozartian, Lars brought out new and even unexpected ideas from the score, which appeared obvious to us because they underlined the sincerity of Mozart's speech. Then to record with the Modigliani Quartet is a dream come true! They have an exceptional experience and to work and think with them always gives rise to privileged moments."

The instrument was a century old when Mozart gave it its first great concerto. All the facets of the clarinet are exploited through an eminently lyrical writing. Like an opera character, the clarinet in turn shines, becomes a confidant, whispers in a friend's ear, gloats again, is sometimes charming, joyful, serious, insolent. Through the genius of Mozart, the clarinet becomes the echo of the human soul. In the quintet, the instrument takes on a different guise, blending into the quartet in the spirit of salon music.

"Recording Mozart's concerto and quintet is a fundamental step in the life of a clarinetist. It is thanks to these two masterpieces that the clarinet acquired its true letters of nobility, its popularity."

At the end of August, we welcomed Raphaël Sévère to our showroom to talk about the recording of the concerto, his interpretation, and to give us some advice...

Conductor and pianist with a clear and brilliant playing, Lars Vogt left us on September 5, at the age of 51. We send our warmest thoughts to his family and friends, and to the Orchestre de chambre de Paris, of which he was Music Director since 2020.


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