[Know-how] Saxophone polishing

[Savoir-faire] Le polissage saxophone
Essential step in the saxophone manufacturing process, polishing reveals all the beauty of our instruments thanks to the work of a noble material, brass. Polisher in the SELMER workshops for 9 months, Elliott talks about his job...

The polishing process, mostly done by hand, consists in abrading the surface of the brass to give it back its shine to a mirror-like state. This impeccable surface finish contributes to the exceptional character of our instruments. It is the reflection of the attention that is given to them.

The different parts of the saxophone (body, bell, neck, keys,...) are polished with specific tools and brushes, according to distinct processes. This requires rigor and tenacity, but also a good physical condition. The training takes place in our workshops, over several months, in order to learn how to master the different processes.

"When I first arrived, I didn't know much about the job, but I got plenty of help, both from the people who trained me and most of all from other colleagues who are more experienced, and who helped us improve, and most of all work both well and safely."

What pleases the polisher is the relationship with the instrument, but also the satisfaction of transforming a raw material into an almost finished product...

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